About Us


Navi Umed is a people’s platform. Through our grassroots connect, we encourage individuals to share their stories that can help us propagate positive sentiments. What started as a Facebook page is not blossoming into a full-fledged movement. All because of the wholehearted support of the people who believed in NAVI UMED.


Navi Umed is not a news bulletin. It is a compilation of articles and experiences penned down by sons of the soil.

We are not associated with any political party nor do we identify ourselves with any political colour.


Navi Umed is an activity undertaken by Sampark, and NGO that follows one simple logic.

Social change is relevant but not necessarily through provocative agitations. Persuasion with the help of correct Advocacy and the right choice of words can lead to the desired action. By harnessing this incredible power of words, Sampark has been instrumental in prompting public debates on several social problems and their resolution, formulation and implementation of public policy.

The Backbone of Navi Umed

Sampark means ‘connect’ and Net comes from the word ‘network’. As the name suggests, it is an open portal aimed at building connections. It is a platform for all of us to get into engaging discussions, and unravel complex developmental problems. It is envisaged as a bridge for free exchange of ideas with the external world, bringing fresh perspectives into our routine debates. It is also a sound-box which will help amplify our voices in the din of the mainstream discourses. Knowledge created out of this churning may also set new directions to the development frameworksand policies.

How Does Navi Umed Operate?

  1. Our district representatives gather information about the story, and also collect the pictures or the videos associated with it.
  2. They get in touch with our Editors and share the story with them via email.
  3. Our editors verify the information, ask for more details and rewrite the story in the correct grammar and format.
  4. The story is then published to our social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter. We also save the story internally and then upload it to our website for permanent reference and documentation.